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My order for the 32GB RK1 has been delayed.
My order for the 32GB RK1 has been delayed.
Updated over a week ago

32GB RK1 Order Status Update

Here is our latest update on the 32GB RK1 order as of March 10th. Great news - all 32GB RK1 compute modules have arrived at our warehouse, and we have resumed shipping this week. We are working diligently to process orders in the order they were placed, and rest assured, we will be able to fulfill all of them. Please keep in mind that submitting, preparing, and shipping each order may take some time. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Have a wonderful day!

RK1 orders status on March 12th. Almost all RK1 orders have been submitted to the shipping system, which means that all the orders will be shipped out by the end of this week. We are processing the orders in the order that they were placed.

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