Reset k3s

If you mess anything up in your Kubernetes cluster, and want to start from scratch, you can use Ansible's playbookreset

ansible-playbook reset.yml -i inventory/hosts.ini

Shutting down the Turing Pi Cluster

Instead of just unplugging the Turing Pi, it's best to safely shut down all the Raspberry Pis. Instead of logging into each Pi and running theshutdowncommand, you can use Ansible, since it already knows how to connect to all the Pis. Just run this command:

ansible all -i inventory/hosts.ini -a "shutdown now" -b

Ansible will report failure for each server since the server shuts down and Ansible loses the connection, but you should see all the Pis power off after a minute or so. Now it's safe to unplug the Turing Pi.

This guide is based on the articleInstalling K3s Kubernetes on the Turing Pi by Jeff Geerling

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