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How to upgrade Turing RK1 order
How to upgrade Turing RK1 order
Updated over a week ago

Step 1: Go to the Orders page

Step 2: Sign in

Sing in using your credentials or social sign in options

Step3: Click Edit order button

Click the "Edit Order" button

Warning and user session

Make sure you see this notificationIf you don't see this notification, this means that you are creating a new order.

Please be sure to pay attention to this message. If you sign out of your account, the editing session for your order will be terminated, even if the same items are still in your cart upon signing back in.

Step 4: Add, remove items

From the cart page you can visit Turing RK1 page and add necessary variation, then go back to cart and remove the items you don't need. Then click the "Checkout" button. (Note: You can only increase the total amount in your cart. If you remove items without adding others, the system won't refund the difference.)

Step 5: Checkout

Complete the checkout process.

What's next

Once you have successfully edited your order, it will get "canceled" status and a new "processing" order will be created.

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